Sunsetsoul pres. Da Wiesel Raw Rapture on Resense Records

Posted by Frequento (frequento) on Nov 20 2008 at 2:15 PM
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On the 008 Resense put again four songs by four artists, and again no filler in sight. Sono Rhizmo´ used the vocals of the Mo´Horizons hit �So Ma Guis�e´ and arranged it with a reggae beat � excellent result. Mr. Bas Lexter continues in his very own style � cut a long story short ! - and drops out his Bas Lexter hymn.

A very spezial guest on Resense is Sunsetsoul presents DaWiesel. Big Hip Hop flavour with attitude ! and last but not least follows Viennas DJ Shantisan´s debut on Resense. �Bring Back The Bossa Rock´ doesn´t need any explanations. Bring it back !