Goodgroove Regrooved Series "Sunsetsoul pres. Da Wiesel" (GG04)

Posted by splendor (splendor) on Dec 14 2008 at 1:22 AM
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After the success of all the releases so far this new release is a little more
grown up, we found an outfit called Sunsetsoul and signed 2 tracks from one
of their DJ/producers Da Wiesel, he has interesting bygone funk soul style to his
music which rocks dancefloors across the world. Then got the heavy hitters
Smoove & Feature Cast to create 2 club banging remixes of his tracks to add
to the punch of this release.



Soultrade (GER)

This is my favourite Tune at the moment, a hard rockin deep Soulfunk Groove with nice Vocals ( Soulfood ). Peace
goes out to Leipzigs best man "Da Weasel"!

Resoul ( Soultrade )


Fat City Records (UK)

 BIG! Another huge funky breaks release from Good Groove! Sunsetsoul presents Da Wiesel. 'Boogaloo Stomp' is a stomp indeed! Bound for total dancefloor destruction! If that wasn't enough then there's a remix from Freestyle boys Smoove. On the flip, 'Soulfood' is another belter, featuring a big big remix from Good Groove main men Feature Cast. Snap these up!

Juno Records(UK)

 Bestseller No.1 of all records this week

Ursula 1000

 Yeah! tons of noise for me to shimmy in my 

chelsea boots too! It gets me on the good foot.


Ed Royal

Smoove remix is amazing 10/10. That´s the music i want to play.


Tom Strauch (Switchstance Records)

cool & funked up stuff...cut´n´paste grooves for the advanced dancefloors. orginals are cool but Smoove Remix is my favourite...