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articles about  Frequento´s Bouncing Floor Bomb Mix on Mr.Blentwell´s Page from New York:

There is that "oh shit" moment when a live grenade comes skittering across the floor and eases to a halt. You are frozen in your steps - though your head is screaming "GET OUT!". That deer in headlights moment is exactly what I went thru with this Frequento mix. He dropped a dime to me about his mixes and I clicked in - this blend starts off on a great soulful vibe but then a shiny grenade came sliding into frame when that killer guitar/synth lick from "Der Kommisar" drops. Oh shit! Is he gonna take it sideways like that? And even in the face of eminent destruction you cannot help but listen and shake. If you are starving for a soulful/hip-hop/funk nugget this is the mix for you. Word to Frequento for dropping bombs like this! And word to the whole Leipzig/Sunset Soul crew for keeping the downbeat vibe alive!

article by Mr.Blentwell


every now and then a killer mix comes my way... killer song selection, killer mixing, killer vibe. mr. blentwell likens this to the "moment when a live grenade comes skittering across the [dance] floor and eases to a halt." this month's killer mix is Frequento's Bouncing Floor Bomb, straight outta Leipzig, the (East) German city oddly cited as one of the cheapest in Europe (clearly, they did not survey cities in Romania). and if you thought Leipzig would produce a minimal techno mix, check this Bombearplug for the tip.
out... dripping funk and mashed-up hip-hop. thanks

article by djepop

article about Frequento´s mixes on Paul´s mixtapes side from Singapore:

Multi-Media Producer, DJ and Carpenter. Frequento's sound is by far the slickest sound on My Space today. His latest funky melange features tracks by Mark Rae, Fort Knox Five, The Blue Boy Amerie, The Juju Orchestra, Rodney Hunter, Grandmaster Flash, Beats International, Snoop Dogg, and Cypress Hill. What can we say Frequento but Thank You for the BOUNCE!

article by Paul from Rightclick Mixtapes
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